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The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Massage in general is great for decreasing stress, stimulating your immune system and helping treat sore muscles that ache. We love taking Heal’r-ing to the next level, which is why we have the option of adding Hot Stone Massage to your treatments.


Similar to using infrared heat panels in our studios and clinic rooms at Heal’r in Carnegie, the heat applied from the stones actually aids our therapists to ease your tense and tight muscles or treat previous damaged tissue throughout your body. By applying this heat to your body, your muscles will slowly relax as blood flows to these areas creating a deep state of relaxation. In doing so, it can allow our therapists to work on those extra sore areas with less intensity felt on your end, and for those who are looking for deep tissue massage, the hot stones will allow for softening the muscles to prevent soft tissue damage.


Our professional practitioners find that by having adding Hot Stone Massage techniques to your treatments, can help with your overall flexibility, allowing you to stretch, pain and resistance free, to achieve more in your classes with us at Heal’r.

Some of our clients even tell us they’ve slept better than ever after coming in for this treatment. An added bonus many of us could dream of!


At Heal’r we want to encourage you to allow yourself to relax and restore your body and mind. Our amazing therapists are very skilled and are qualified in sports science, remedial massage or allied health massage therapists . We know by the end of the treatment you’ll be hanging for more!

040 Healr_Oct2020_edited.jpg

Ready for your next Hot Stone Massage?

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