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Whether you want to be agile like a ninja, flexible like a dancer or sculpted like an athlete, pilates will help

At Heal'r, we offer different types of pilates, including Mat pilates, Reformer pilates, Full studio pilates, 

Clinical pilates, Classical pilates, Contemporary pilates, Stott pilates, and Winsor pilates. 

Each of our classes is tailored to our students, to meet their goals and levels of experience. Unlike a commercial generic group class, we ensure technique and alignment for longer-term results.

Before you book a class, one of our Heal'rs can speak with you to match you to the best style of pilates class. This can be over the phone or as part of a free tour.

Align'd Pilates

Our signature class that teaches you technique and correct alignment.

Align'd classes use clinical techniques to relieve tension in overworked muscles and strengthen weak muscles (like glutes, shoulders, core and pelvic floor), helping you get stronger for longer-term physical health.

With better alignment and functional movement, being Align’d helps define and engage muscles rather than simply "squeezing" that doesn't build muscle tone).

From elite athletes to dancers to everything in between, learn how to get the best results from your exercise.

Suitable for pre/postnatal, parents and bubs.
Bundl’d suitable.

205 Heal'r_Class Jan 2019 (1).jpg

Awaken'd Pilates

For students who are confident moving at a quicker pace from one exercise to another on our wide range of Pilates equipment.

Awaken’d classes are a dynamic class, designed to increase your heart rate and to challenge stamina, agility, balance and strength of your core, glutes and shoulders.

If you're looking for our fitness styled class, we suggest our HIIT classes that focus more on cardio and high intensity.

Not suitable for pre/postnatal or people with injuries.

046 Healr_Oct2020.jpg

Awaken'd HIIT

An energetic, fast-paced class to increase your cardio fitness and overall strength.

Using resistance bands, weights and props, Awaken'd HIIT classes move through a dynamic (faster) sequence of exercises that will increase your heart rate, tone muscles and make you feel fitter and more energised.

Not suitable for pre/postnatal. If you have any injuries, please consult our practitioners before booking this class.

192 Heal'r_Class Jan 2019.jpg

Mix'd Pilates

The best of everything! Combining our pilates reformer, tower, trap table, wunda chair and specialised props to help build strength and stretch you at the same time.

Mixing all of our pilates equipment together with correct breathing and alignment, helps you become stronger and more supple for longer term results - how pilates was originally designed to be.

Suitable for all experience levels. Bundl’d suitable.

197 Heal'r_Class Jan 2019.jpg

Power'd Pilates

With a focus on strength and endurance, in Power’d classes we up the resistance and hold deeper and longer to build stronger muscles and bones.

Discover ways to move your body that you didn't know were possible on our specialised equipment.

Wunda what? Wunda chair! Specialised traditional pilates equipment that challenges every part of your body. Makes a reformer look easy!

Trap how? Trapeze table and Towers! Master pilates with personally tailored exercises to target specific muscles.

From elite athletes to new students, Power'd is for overall strength and conditioning.

046 Healr_Oct2020.jpg

Root'd Pilates

Root'd is a functional pilates class focusing on the foundation of movement; how to engage the correct muscles when you squat, lunge, pull, push, extend and twist.

Root’d classes are challenging on your mind and body as we correct your alignment while moving through exercises to build resilience in your mental and physical health.

Teaching pilates with purpose helps you understand your musculoskeletal biomechanics (how you move) that can prevent injuries, help with recovery and manage pain safely for long-term results.

Suitable for all experience levels.
Bundl’d suitable.

Highly qualified and expertly trained, our Heal’r practitioners are genuine people you can relate to.

Book a studio and clinic tour today and start your journey towards finding your Heal'r within.

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