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Workshops & Immersions

Our workshops are immersive classes that mix our extensive knowledge and experience with a chance for you to experience the Heal'r difference

Note: Workshop and immersion bookings are not refundable. They can be transferred to another person for that date and time booked only, not for future sessions

10 FEB


Dog Yoga



Experience a slow flow yoga class with the unconditional love and cuddles from our beautiful therapy dogs. Laughter, yoga and dogs are some of the best therapy, after all.🐕

Book via our Bookee app, or email us to book your spot.

Members: use code MBR10 for your discount.

23 MAR


Yoga with Reiki Immersion



Reiki is a Japanese form of therapy that aims to increase energy levels and promote relaxation and wellbeing.


Developed in the late 19th century, reiki is applied through non-invasive, non-manipulative gentle touch, a technique we will use during this immersion. 🙌


Book via our Bookee app, or email us to book your spot.

Members: use code MBR10 for your discount.


Mums & Bubs Workshop

6 WEEKS: $198/3 WEEKS: $108

Bring a friend and save 20%

A yoga course designed for new parents and their new bubba!

Over the 6 weeks we will: 


  • return to physical movement with safe and specially curated yoga sequences for a postpartum body

  • learn breathing and meditative tools to help you through the early days of parenthood

  • connect and bond with your baby in a new way, resetting the mind and body

  • enjoy a Heal'r latte afterwards for added community and support time

There is complete ease and flexibility while you are at Heal'r, which means your baby might sleep through most of the class (more yoga for you!). Each class will be modified on the day to suit those in the room.

Email us to express your interest.

17 FEB


Balian Yin & Pin'd Immersion



What is a Balian Immersion? It's an immersive experience in which our Heal'r will guide you through a meditative process to help clear energy and patterns trapped within your body. In our immersion we use Kinesiology and Chinese Medicine techniques to locate energy points for you to personally release and clear.


It is a very unique Heal'r-ing experience that can assist gut health, reoccurring health concerns and tension in your body and mind from held emotions and stress. 💆


Book via our Bookee app, or email us to book your spot.

Members: use code MBR10 for your discount.



Heal'r Your Gut Workshop



How much more would you gain in life from having good gut health? What health conditions would you prevent if you had good gut health?


The answers to these questions and a whole lot more is at your fingertips thanks to our Heal'r Your Gut program. 💚


You can do the program online or at Heal'r.

Email us to find out more and book your program.

Our workshops and immersions are a blend of ways to move, feel healthy and eat mindfully. 


Covering many areas such as Medical Qigong, pelvic health, hormone balance, immune and gut health, stress management and anxiety, pre/post-natal care, alignment for prevention or rehab of injuries, plus much more, choose what you need and when you need it.

042 Healr_Heads copy_edited.jpg

The Heal'r Difference

Heal’r is the gap between generic group classes that are not specific to your needs, and 1-on-1 private training.


Our classes are semi-private, incorporating a wide range of techniques and focus on alignment, fascial release, balance, strength, mobility and flexibility.


Discover more pilates equipment than only reformer, traditional yoga practices, dry needling, sound bowls, restorative meditation, infrared panels and plenty more.


To ensure you gain the most from your classes, our clinic is integrated with our studios, meaning that our Osteo, physio assistance and Naturopaths provide our instructors with guidance on how to give you personalised care.

Heal'r Perks

What are the benefits of being a Heal'r member? Let us count the ways...

Highly qualified and expertly trained, our Heal’r practitioners are genuine people you can relate to.

Book a studio and clinic tour today and start your journey towards finding your Heal'r within.

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