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Why we have infrared heat panels in our clinic rooms and studios

Rain, hail or shine, within our studios and clinic rooms at Heal’r, we have infrared heat panels strategically placed throughout for the soul (sole) purpose to nurture and stimulate blood flow from your muscles, tissues, joints, and organs. 


During a specialised class or personalised treatment, when you see rectangular panels, you’re in luck! These are our infrared panels that warm you from the inside, rather than dry you from the outside.


Infrared panels not only keep us warm they have loads of other health benefits too. Infrared heat is known to support your immune system by allowing natural expansion of your capillaries, leading to increased oxygen, and as a result, ensures regeneration of red blood cells. Having adequate red blood within the body is essential for detoxifying vital organs. This is why we suggest combining your infrared sessions with our Heal’r your gut, hormones, liver and mind programs, to help with detoxification and immunity.


There are studies from scientists and physicians who believe that exposure to infrared heat can also have a positive effect on heart health and diabetes. As mentioned above, infrared panels can improve blood circulation, which means that you’ll also recover from your class less sore due to the blood in your body getting to your muscles faster than if you were not using infrared heat panels.


Therefore during your classes and treatments, the infrared panels will help your body warm up, reducing the stiffness in your joints and help you to get the most out of each of your classes. Most importantly, our panels are made of natural materials and don't emit harmful substances or ultraviolet rays. Your health and safety is always our priority!

Want to experience this sensation experience?

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